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In the style of Led Zeppelin, this is a real gem for 12 string guitar. Very playable but with lots of interesting sus and add chords, runs, and open position chords.

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  • "... I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I have enjoyed working with you. I had heard great things about you from folks whose opinions I value, but I must say you've more than lived up to the advanced billing. As a relatively new player that was floundering a bit, I am finally getting the direction I was looking for. You are really offering something unique, and for someone who isn't afraid to take the deeper dive, your system is a perfect blend of technique and theory with immediate application in playing real songs. What really sets you apart though is the clear explanations and the sense that it's all leading somewhere. I look forward to working with you for a long time... Phil
  • "... I want to take a minute to tell how much I appreciate your time and hard work. Eric enjoys music so much because of you and I am so happy we found someone so dedicated to work with. Thanks again….Eric will see you next week...Chris

    "... Thanks for all you’ve done with both Brad and Allison. Allison really seems to be enjoying the guitar. I hear her practicing in her room all of the time. ...Frank
  • "... I have been taking lessons from Doug for the past three years during the summers whenever I’m home from college. After graduating this spring I hope to continue with these sessions. I had only recently begun playing the guitar when I first started taking lessons from Doug, but I could quickly see acceleration in my playing abilities. The decision to take lessons from Doug has been the best decision about playing guitar that I have ever made. He has no only taught me a lot about how to play, but he has also increased my appreciation for music. I would recommend taking lessons from Doug to anyone who is interested in improving his or her guitar skills. You can see his background is extensive with all of his schooling and experience, but he also has a talent for teaching. He makes sure that you’re having fun while learning. He has never tried to force me to learn anything that I wasn’t interested in. It is inspiring to talk to him and watch how he is able to play, every session I leave with an added passion to play my guitar...Brad
  • "... I am in my 50's and have been playing guitar since my mid teens. I had formal training as a teen but then my professional (non musical) pursuits led me away from formal guitar training. About 8 years ago I decided to go back to learning guitar formally and relearn things I had forgotten as well as move forward with a more rigorous, structured approach to playing blues, rock, jazz. I started taking lessons from Doug on a regular basis. Doug is the best teacher I have ever had in guitar and he is positively inspirational in our lessons. I have been so fortunate to be able to work with him one on one and he is the total package as a teacher. His approach is rigorous but fun and it is reflected in the lessons on this site , since much of the material has been part of our lessons over the years. In addition he has helped me greatly with composition and production of original material for my band. He is a class act on all levels and I recommend him and his site highly...Bob
  • "... I have been playing guitar since the late 70's. During this time I had several guitar teachers who were all great players but few really knew how to teach guitar. That is until I sat down and had lessons with Doug. I can remember vividly the first time when I played my best licks for him, after he was done laughing at me, he said "Do you know why you are playing what you are playing?" and of course I said no. And he said if I took the time to learn a little bit of theory it would really enhance my ability to play. And it did. Thanks Doug ...Rick
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